Downtown Bogotá is the historical and business centre of the Colombian capital. A busy restaurant in this area that encapsulates so many cultural contrasts is the eye of the International Centre workers hurricane! 

We have worked hard in delivering a full project for this customer:

  • Adding a bar-table following a contrast and nature concept, changed completely the behaviour of its customers and the appearance of the place!

  • We proposed a change on the sign to match the new furniture, with Oak and Wallnut contrast

  • We deisgned 3 options of hanging ceilings, with finishing like wood veneers, orencapsulated resins, or  bambu/veneer layers

  • We also proposed a change in the lighting layout, from bright halogen tubes to romantic warm LED light lamps

  • The Re Design includes plant-lightson the walls and a lovely Division on the back with Encapsulated Resin by Fabrica FLO.